The Blister

By Justyna Dudek

At Camp 10 there were many different ways to spend free time: enjoy the great views from the deck, read, work on science project proposals, cook and eat food… or you could take a field trip exploring what we usually spent considerable effort avoiding: the inside of a giant crevasse! (Note 1: Dear parents reading this blog, please do not worry; this was a completely controlled undertaking, supervised by our outstanding and experienced safety staff. Note 2: Kids, don’t try this at home.) Finally we got to use the great outdoor skills we learned in the safety course of Camp 17 by rappelling into a crevasse associated with a feature called “The Blister”.

The Blister as seen from the side of 'Taku B'.  The Blister is in 'North Basin' just north of Camp 10.  Water accumulates here during each melt season.  Photo by Justyna Dudek

Why would someone want to lower themselves into a giant, water-filled ice crack? For one, it is a great way to see the annual accumulation of snowfall.   Annual layers of accumulation are exposed in the crevasse, without having to dig a giant snow pit. Secondly (and most of all), it is really great fun.

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