JIRP 2013 Staff Biographies

Each year JIRP depends on a strong team of staff members to manage operations and logistics.  Currently this is a partial list of JIRP 2013 staff biographies.  We will be adding more staff (and faculty!) biographies as they are available.  Thank you, JIRP staff!

Kate Baustian

Hey, I'm Kate, and I graduated in 2012 from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) with a degree in Geology. I spent the last year interning at Congaree National Park in South Carolina, learning to ski in Alta, Utah and exploring the Colorado Plateau. I was a JIRP student during the 2011 field season. Returning as FGER junior staff, I'm looking forward to exploring ice caves and crevasses, sleeping out under the aurora borealis, and costume parties.


Annie Boucher

Hey, my name is Annie Boucher. I graduated from Carleton College in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in Geology, and this is my second summer with JIRP. My favorite thing about living on the icefield is watching the early sunrise before anyone wakes up when camp is quiet, and my favorite type of snow is snow with maple syrup on it.


Christian Hein

I live in Berlin, Germany.  I am 28 and I study land surveying and geomatics. Last summer I already had the possibility to join this amazing program. I really enjoyed it and am glad to be back on the Icefield. I am looking forward to drive with snowmobiles and discover my limits on difficult hikes.


Ben Partan

Besides living above the generator at C-18 I’ve lived in a cardboard box for a month and a shower stall for several months. In my eleventh time coming on JIRP I look forward to eating outdoors.

Matt Pickart

After having a blast as a student in JIRP in 2011, I'm back this year as junior staff. I'm from Falmouth, Massachusetts and just graduated a few weeks ago from Dartmouth College. I majored in Earth Sciences and did my senior project on surface elevation changes of Austfonna Ice Cap, Svalbard, as determined from airborne laser scanning.


Adam Toolanen

Hi my name is Adam and I study astrophysics/astronomy at Lund University. Being on JIRP in 2011 was the time of my life and I have dreamed of coming back ever since! In my free time I backcountry ski and stargaze. Being back on staff I am ecstatic about helping to be part of the JIRP experience for the 2013 crew! Amidst all the geologists here I hope to share some of the things that I study and find most fascinating. Next up on the glacier skills teaching agenda for the students is self-arrest practice on the steep snowfield just by camp :)