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2019 Field Season

We’ve started planning the 2019 JIRP field season! Applications for students, staff, and faculty will open later this fall. When applications open we’ll push them on social media. If you’d like a notification email in addition, you can fill out our 2019 Interest Form.

JIRP in Popular Mechanics

Check out this article about the history of JIRP in Popular Mechanics.

The 2018 Field Season has come to a close!

The expedition has come to a successful close. Follow us on facebook for news about the program and on instagram (@juneauicefieldresearchprogram) for some throwback photos from our summer in Southeast Alaska.


Meet the Staff and Faculty

Many of JIRP staff and faculty are seasonal, but there are a few stalwarts who contribute significant time and energy during the off season. Check them out on our Faculty and Staff pages!



The JIRP Blog

My JIRP experience strengthened in me a love of exploration that ultimately led to my participation in the space program, including the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity. JIRP was fundamental to my growth as a scientist and as a person.
— Dr. Steven Squyres, Professor Astronomy, Cornell University; Principal Investigator of Mars Exploration Rover Project