JIRP 2013 Student Biographies

Introducing the JIRP students of 2013!  Today these intrepid JIRPers are learning self arrest and crevasse rescue skills, practicing their glacier skiing, and beginning the annual studies of Lemon Creek Glacier. 

Check back tomorrow for biographies of some of the JIRP staff.

Jai Chowdhry Beeman

I live in Flagstaff, Arizona.  I’m an Earth and Planetary Science Graduate from Harvard University, and I’m going to continue to work in Glaciology in Bolivia in the fall. That said, I set foot on a glacier for the first time today.


Molly Blakowski

I'm from Ann Arbor, MI.  I am currently pursuing my B.S./M.S. in geological sciences at the University of Michigan. For my second summer in Juneau, I am looking forward to not pooping in a bucket for four months.


Sarah Bouckoms

My name is Sarah Bouckoms but since there are four Sarah's in JIRP, I'm also going by my nickname boux. I am a high school physics teacher in Connecticut with past research experience in Antarctica. I completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies and Masters in Physics from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. One of the main things I'll be contributing to JIRP is organizing articles for the blog. I'm very excited to be here and look forward to having my life dictated by the weather.


Jamie Bradshaw

My name is Jamie. I am from Wisconsin and came to Juneau, Alaska on exchange in January of 2010. As a recent graduate of the Geography and Environmental Studies program at the University of Alaska Southeast, I am stoked to finally be participating in the 2013 JIRP. It has been a dream of mine ever since I heard about the program in 2011. Last summer I had the privilege of being the Logistics Coordinator for JIRP in Juneau so I have unique insight as to how the program operates. An interesting fact about me is that I'm terrified of snakes-good thing they're cold blooded and won't be on the icefield! Here's to an incredible summer!


Salvatore Candela

I currently live in Anchorage, AK, but am from New York City.  I'm an ironworker turned glaciologist/ski bum and am looking forward to furthering myself as a scientist and getting to know all the eclectic personalities of my fellow FGERs.


Annie Cantrell

I am from Moscow, Idaho.  I’m at Evergreen State College studying Earth Systems and looking at alternative education in the wilderness, I love watching myself and the people around me change in response to our environment and how distance from civilization affects us. I have no idea what sort of head space this place will put me in but I’m excited to experience it.

Annie cantrell.jpg

Grayson Carlile

I am from Juneau, Alaska.  After growing up in Juneau exploring the western edge of the icefield, I couldn’t be more excited to finally venture across the entire thing! When I’m not wandering among the soggy forests and mountains of Southeast Alaska, I study geology at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.


Kamil Chadirji-Martinez

I am from Ottawa, Canada.  I finished my first year of the Earth Sciences program at Carleton University this year. A poster at my University brought me to this trip. I will be collecting algae samples for the Canadian Museum of Nature as a volunteer. I also brought my rock hammer to do some quarrying. After two rough days of flying, it's good to be in Juneau.


Sarah Cooley

I am from North Carolina.  I love hiking, skiing, being around beautiful mountains, geology and of course, glaciers, so this program is basically the perfect way for me to spend my summer! I’m a geophysics major but this is my first intensive field experience. I’m just really excited to combine my love of mountains, glaciers and skiing with some really interesting science (and get to know some really awesome people in the process)!

Sarah Cooley.jpg

Alexei (Alex) Igorevich Doncov

I am from Half Moon Bay, California.  I'm the only member of JIRP who is still a high school student (at half moon bay high), nevertheless I am fearless of the endeavors which I am going to undertake. As far as common interests of mine, I enjoy surfing, fishing, writing politically controversial essays, and skiing across glaciers which are away from civilization. Russian literature I find redundant in prose but insightful as well.


Jonathan Doty

I'm a citizen of the world, but Maine is my home base.  Before coming to JIRP I spent four months – January to May - on the island of Hawai’i studying Earth and Environmental Science.  Now with living on the icefield during June/July/August, I am spending my summer on ice, and my winter on the beach.


Justyna Dudek

I am from Cracow, Poland.  I am a PhD student in geography at the Jagiellonian University. It is my first visit in Juneau and I am looking forward for summer adventures on the Icefield.


Patrick Owen Englehardt 

I am from Fayette, Maine.  I graduated from the University of Acadia in Wolfville, Nova Scotia with an honors degree in Environmental geoscience. This is my fifth field school in four years (3 in Nova Scotia; 1 in Bermuda;  and JIRP in Alaska). I’m currently living an 8 year dream by being in the north and studying glaciers.


Mary Gianotti

I am from Juneau, Alaska.  I will be a junior at Boston University in the fall. I am studying earth sciences. I am excited to go exploring in my backyard.

Mary with the funky chicken_sm.jpg

William Jenkins

I'm from Atlanta, Georgia.  I am a student at The University of the South in Sewanee, TN and am seeking a degree in Geology. I am extremely excited about spending the following months on the icefield, and am looking forward to learning in this wonderful environment.    


Christine McCabe

I live in New York.  Having been to Antarctica, I am super excited to hangout on an icefield for the entire summer. I’m also looking forward to getting some wicked sweet tanlines! And for being outdoor all day everyday.

Christine ( chrisy).jpg

Sarah Mellies

I live in New Jersey.  Arriving here with about three other Sarah’s, we discussed nicknames to help the name situation.  Growing up with the nickname “smelli”, we decided that if someone walked into a room and said “hey smelli” just about everyone would turn their heads (joke copyright to Sal). So for the next two months I shall be smellies. And after walking through an ice cave today, smellies is pretty psyched for the next two months! Bring on the crampons!

Sarah Mellie_sm.jpg

Alistair Morgan

I am from Cardiff, Wales, UK. 

Being the first time in the USA I think Juneau is proving to be a super awesome choice for a location. This region is amazing. I’m looking forward to having a super cool time meeting a bunch of truly brilliant people. Filled with anticipation for the next two months, especially using skis for the 1st time and doing some epic science!


Leah Nelson

I am from Albany, New York.  I’m a geology major at Carleton College, and I’m really looking forward to this great field experience.  I’ve always been interested in glaciology and I’m really excited to spend this summer living and learning on the Juneau Icefield.  


Brooke Stamper

Hello, Earthlings! I am from Broomfield, Colorado.  I am currently finishing up an Environmental Studies degree with a Minor in Geography and emphasis of hydrology. I have always been interested in the cryosphere but have never had field experience. I am so excited for this expedition and know it won’t be the last.



Lindsay Starr

I am from Columbus, Ohio.  I am going to be a senior in the fall at Wittenberg University where I am studying geology.


Stephanie Streich

I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I have recently graduated with a bilingual degree (French and English) in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Alberta. I am super excited to apply all the information that I learned during my degree to this year’s JIRP expedition!!  One interesting thing about me is that I just got my driver’s license. I hope I don’t crash into anyone anytime soon (don’t laugh, Dad).


Adam Taylor

I live in Juneau, AK.  Not only am I excited about the views we will get from the icefield (provided it’s clear), I am excited about the relationships that will develop on this adventure.


Muriel Will

I am from Edmonton, Alberta.  I am a new grad from the University of Alberta, where I got my degree in Environmental Earth Science. I love the outdoors and am very excited for this opportunity to explore, and learn about the Juneau icefield.