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To apply to be a student on the 2019 JIRP Expedition, please fill out the following application. In addition, you can find directions for submitting transcripts and letters of recommendation on the previous page.

Student applications are due January 4th, 2019 (midnight AKST).

After January 4th, we will consider applications on a rolling basis for any open spots.

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JIRP 2019 will run roughly mid-June to mid-August, but we won't know our exact dates until the Alaska state ferry schedule is published later this winter. If you have a potential conflict (work, school, sports pre-season, etc.), please detail the date and reason.
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For applicants who are minors (under the age of 18)
Parent Name #1
Parent Name #1
Minors must provide JIRP with the name and contact information for at least one parent or guardian.
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Please indicate your academic interest areas if you have not yet declared a major. Graduate students, please include any information about your thesis that may be relevant to JIRP.
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We require a copy of your official academic transcript. They can be submitted electronically to the Program Manager at or mailed to the following address: The Foundation for Glacier and Environmental Research (FGER) [Student Applications] 4616 25th Avenue NE, Suite 302 Seattle, WA 98105.
Please outline both your short-term and long-term goals, and how you see JIRP supporting these goals.
Please list any awards, honors or other recognition you have received, both in and out of college:
Academic Credit *
JIRP students are required to enroll in six credits of 400-level Earth science through either the University of Alaska Southeast or the University of Maine. We are still working out the specifics of credits for the 2019 season. Tuition for these credits is included in the field fee students. Please direct questions to Program Manager Annie Boucher at
Please arrange for us to receive three letters of recommendation. We prefer to hear from people who know you in a variety of professional and academic contexts. Two letters must be from professors, teachers, or advisers who are familiar with your academic work. The third letter may either be from a professor/teacher or from someone who knows you outside the classroom. This letter may be from an employer, a mentor, an athletic coach, an internship supervisor, or similar. Please do not have peers submit letters of recommendation. Your recommenders may submit their letters directly to
Recommender #1 *
Recommender #1
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Recommender #2
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Recommender #3
Statements of Understanding
Health & Fitness *
Skiing mountaineering on the Juneau Icefield is a serious undertaking that requires a healthy level of physical fitness. It is important for everyone's safety that all participants are honest in their fitness self-evaluations. Please indicate your understanding of the physical demands of this program below. Please note that a more in-depth medical/health evaluation, along with a physical by your medical provider, will be required for all admitted students.
Passport and Visas
The JIRP Expedition crosses two international borders. The Icefield traverse begins in Alaska, USA and includes a remote crossing into British Columbia, Canada. All JIRP participants are met in Atlin, BC by Canadian Immigration officials. In addition, participants will pass through US Customs on the return to Alaska by bus. To participate in JIRP, you must have a valid passport that expires after December 31, 2019. If you are not a US citizen, you may be required to secure visas for either/both the US and/or Canada (it will be your responsibility to research and obtain any required visas).
Passport *
Visas *
Field Fee *
The field fee for JIRP 2019 will be between $7425 and $9100. This covers the following: FOOD: Two hot meals per day, trail lunch, and snacks. We fly food into the field regularly via helicopter. We support a variety of dietary restrictions, but please contact the Program Manager directly at if you have a severe food allergy. LODGING: We provide accommodations in Juneau and on the Icefield. JIRP operates and maintains a series of permanent field camps located across the Icefield; we also periodically use 4-season tents as temporary field camps. FUEL: All camps are equipped with generators for limited power and propane for cooking. Additionally, we support field work with gasoline-powered snow machines. TRANSPORTATION: We travel in and around Juneau by van and bus; on Lake Atlin by boat; from Atlin, BC to Skagway, AK by chartered bus; from Skagway to Juneau, AK by ferry. SAFETY TRAINING: All expedition participants receive instruction in glacier travel, crevasse rescue, ropework, general wilderness travel skills, communication, etc. USE OF GROUP GEAR: Camp facilities, safety gear, scientific equipment, over-snow vehicles, etc. ACADEMIC INSTRUCTION: In-depth, hands-on mentorship and training from approximately two dozen expert scientists and researchers; fully developed academic curriculum and field projects; robust academic lectures throughout the program. SIX UPPER DIVISION CREDITS: All JIRP students register six credits of 400-level Earth science. FIELD NOTEBOOK: One Rite in the Rain field notebook. JIRP LOGO T-SHIRT: One very fashionable JIRP t-shirt. LOGISTICAL SUPPORT: Includes all communication via radio and satellite phone, delivery of food and supplies, and movement of short-term personnel to and from field camps. THE FIELD FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM JUNEAU: Juneau is accessible only by ferry or plane, there is no bus service. PERSONAL GEAR, including skis, boots, outdoor clothing, backpack, etc. The gear list posted on the website gives you an idea of the gear you will have to acquire, although we will make some small updates for 2019. Limited rentals are available for large items (skis, boots, ice axes, crampons), and JIRP staff can provide advice on purchasing discounted and/or used gear. JIRP has limited scholarship opportunities for students. Please visit for more information and the Scholarship Application (due Jan. 4). We strongly encourage you to seek third-party funding through your home institution, friends and family, and independent scholarship funds. Please indicate your understanding of the program costs below:
Safe and Appropriate Behavior *
The JIRP field season happens primarily in a dynamic glacier environment. Many expedition participants are under the age of 21. Because of these factors, JIRP has a strict policy prohibiting the consumption of drugs and alcohol for the entirety of the program. Furthermore, there will be a number of safety rules in place throughout the summer. The staff will work hard to make these rules clear to all participants. Failure to abide by program rules may result in immediate removal from the program, at the discretion of the program, by helicopter at the expense of the participant. By checking each box, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
Extra-curricular and Athletic Background
Participating in the JIRP Expedition involves living and working in a remote and often uncomfortable environment for eight weeks. The program begins with two weeks of safety training and orientation. During this time we teach all necessary skills, so there are no specific pre-requisites for acceptance. That said, we appreciate knowing what previous experience student applicants have with the outdoors and with physical fitness. Please describe your outdoor and athletic skill levels. Include any experience related to the following: hiking; backpacking; camping; wilderness/backcountry travel; working in cold/wet environments; skiing (touring, nordic, downhill, and/or telemark); glacier travel; mountaineering; rock or ice climbing; any other relevant background/experience. Be honest and specific. In addition, please describe your athletic background and fitness level as thoroughly as possible.
Please list any hobbies, interests, or skills that might be relevant to either the academics of JIRP or to expedition life. Think outside the box! Examples include wilderness or emergency medical training, experience with radio communication or small engine repair, or a background in writing, photography, or sketching.
Motivation to join the JIRP Expedition
Please tell us why you would like to participate in JIRP. What do you hope or expect to gain by participating in this expeditionary field research experience? Be as specific as possible.
Please describe why you think you would be a strong addition to the JIRP Expedition. How do you envision yourself best contributing to a positive and engaged group dynamic? Be as specific as possible.
Additional Information
At JIRP we actively support an increasingly diverse generation of Earth scientists, teachers, artists, and policy-makers. If you identify as someone who belongs to a traditionally underserved population and you would like to share that with us, please do so here. This information will not impact any decision about your admission; it is intended only to give us a better picture of our outreach efforts. Thank you for any information you provide.
Please use this space to describe any additional qualifications or if you have any extenuating circumstances of which you would like us to be aware.
How did you hear about JIRP? *
Please let us know how you found out about JIRP. This helps us refine our recruitment efforts and allows us to thank individuals who send us great students.

Application deadline is January 4th, 2019. Only complete application packets will be reviewed at that time. A complete application packet includes the following: on-line Student Application, transcripts, and three (3) letters of reference. Questions? Contact us at