Year-round Staff

Annie's superpower is that she always shows up. It’s not the most glamorous superpower, but it turns out to be important for keeping all the balls in the air at JIRP. Photo: Theresa Westhaver.

Annie's superpower is that she always shows up. It’s not the most glamorous superpower, but it turns out to be important for keeping all the balls in the air at JIRP. Photo: Theresa Westhaver.

Annie Boucher

Program Manager

Annie has been working continuously with JIRP for the past six years. After coming up first as a student, she’s filled every role from junior field staff to Assistant Operations Manager and as the faculty lead for the growing Science Communication curriculum. Annie is finishing up her M.Sc. at the University of Maine using computer modeling to answer questions about glacial erosion in coastal Alaska. Before graduate school, Annie worked as a middle school science teacher, a field assistant on a research ship, and a trip leader in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. She earned a B.A. in Geology from Carleton College in 2011.

Annie couldn't imagine a better place to work than JIRP. She loves working with such a motivated crew of scientists and educators and firmly believes in JIRP as a positive agent in bringing up the next generation of Earth scientists.

When she's not keeping JIRP running and working on her thesis, Annie spends most of her time in the woods, running, hiking, skiing, and trying (in vain) to tire out her relentlessly energetic dog, Dixie.

Annie on JIRP: "When I landed in Juneau as a JIRP student, it took me about 20 minutes to figure out I had found my new friends. Every day with JIRP since then has affirmed that this is where I want to be: on the ground, figuring out how the natural world works, and pushing forward in science research and science education."

Newt wearing his trademark smile. Photo: Andrew Opila.

Newt wearing his trademark smile. Photo: Andrew Opila.

Newt Krumdieck

Operations Manager

First a JIRP student in 2008, Newt immediately felt a deep and unquestioning connection to the people and places that JIRP brought together. Since then he has been returning as a member of the field staff most years since 2010, playing roles ranging from Safety Staff to Carpenter to Operations Manager. Newt graduated from Colby College with a degree in Geology. He worked for several years in the sciences, first doing research and field work for the NY State Geological Survey, and later teaching earth science to middle schoolers. Currently Newt works as a carpenter/woodworker, and spends as much time as he can in the outdoors hiking, biking, skiing, motorcycling, and travelling.

Newt on JIRP: "JIRP to me is about the ultimate combination of learning, the environment, and most importantly the community. Getting a chance to share these aspects with folks each summer is a privilege I do not take lightly, and I continue to enjoy immensely."

Ibai at the summit of Ogilvie Peak, above the Gilkey Trench. Photo: Andrew Opila.

Ibai at the summit of Ogilvie Peak, above the Gilkey Trench. Photo: Andrew Opila.

Ibai Rico

Safety Manager

Ibai has been the Safety Manager at JIRP since 2015. He's been climbing and skiing since he was young, and has explored several new ice climbing routes in Patagonia and the Himalayas. When not at JIRP Ibai works as a mountain guide in the Pyrenees, Alps, Norway and the Greater Caucasus. He also teaches courses in snow/avalanche safety, expedition logistics and risk management. In his free time Ibai combines mountain guiding with carrying out glaciology research on the glaciers of the Pyrenees and Tierra del Fuego, addressing questions related to Glacier Change, Glacial Geomorphology, Permafrost, and Geo-Hazards; he also teaches Geography and recently defended his Ph.D. at the University of the Basque Country.  His last expedition to the Chilean Patagonia was focused on exploring the Cloue Icefield, understanding glacier change and ascending previously un-climbed summits in an expedition sponsored by the National Geographic Society.

Ibai on  JIRP: "Guiding JIRP has been one of the most fulfilling experiences; the combination of Nature, Books and Action makes it a completely unique and unforgettable experience for every person in the program and I feel privileged to be part of it." 


Seasonal Staff


Kate Bollen

Field Staff

Kate grew up in the Denver area and earned a B.S. in Watershed Science from Colorado State University in 2018. She lived in Bozeman, Montana this winter installing Christmas lights and working as a Lift Operator at Big Sky Resort. When she’s not stringing lights or running lifts, Kate loves skiing uphill and downhill, climbing, eating baked goods, drinking coffee, and enjoying the sunshine. Most of all, Kate values the time that she gets to spend with her friends and family, be it in the hills or in town. She plans to attend Boise State University in the Fall to begin a Master’s in the Geophysics department.

 Kate was first a student with JIRP in 2016 and returned as staff in 2018.  She’s drawn back to the Icefield each year both by the JIRP community and the Icefield itself. She’s psyched to spend another season with a group of passionate, driven, and caring folks in an immensely inspiring and humbling landscape.


Max Bond

Field Staff

The first thing to know about Max Bond is that he’s very proud to be from Cleveland, OH. Max came to JIRP as a student in 2017 and is returning for his first year on the field staff. He is a junior at Dartmouth College where he studies Earth sciences with a focus on glaciology and climate.  In his free time he loves skiing and snowboarding, mountaineering, and mountain biking.  He also enjoys playing guitar and piano. 

Max on JIRP 2019: I’m extremely stoked for summer for SO many reasons, but I’m most excited about meeting all the incredible new friends that will make up the 2019 JIRP expedition.  Also gorgeous views, cool science, and sweet skiing!!


Annika Ord

Field Staff (Research Support)

Annika is an artist, commercial fisherwoman, outdoorswoman, and five-season JIRP field staffer. After graduating from Carleton College in 2014 with a degree in Biology, Annika has been exploring connections between people and place and studying environmental science and climate stories around the world – from Chile to New Zealand, and back home in Southeast Alaska. Annika is excited to help us launch our 2019 research initiatives, a new path for conducting focused research on the Icefield in partnership with the undergraduate academic program.

Annika on JIRP: "Exploring and learning from wild places and the people who make their homes there is what I love most. JIRP is a beautiful blend of this -- full of deep belly laughter, immense snowscapes, and inspired learning.


Cézy Semnacher

Field Staff and Science Communication Faculty

Cézy grew up exploring around her family’s farm in the Ozarks of Missouri and in the Sawatch Range of the Colorado Rockies. Beyond indulging in coffee, pastries, loved ones, goofy moments, and loving the exploration of running, skiing, climbing, and jumping into bodies of water, Cézy ultimately loves how curious she becomes as a result. Her curiosity for learning and adventure in the outdoors led her to gain a B.S. in Biology from Principia College. She is currently spending her time teaching herself computer programming and by going on Wibrandabouts (walkabouts with her nephew Wibrandus, yes, Wibrandus), venturing to the Channel Islands, and running in the mountains while the wildflowers are in full bloom. 

Cézy on JIRP: JIRP made me my happiest, most curious, self. I’m stoked to be returning to such a wondrous place, to be taking a lead role in the science communication program, and to be looking forward to a summer of silly happenings, dance parties, and full o’ grit/type-II-fun-loving, community. 


Peter Terwilliger

Field Staff

Hailing from the rolling hills of Vermont, Peter attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where he studied photography and sculpture, earning his BFA in 2014. He currently works as a ski patroller in the Eastern Sierra and skis in the backcountry as much as possible. In his free time and summers, he attempts to balance his passions for climbing, surfing and exploring with his dedication to teaching and making photography. He has spent several years working with a youth arts program teaching photo and storytelling skills as a means of empowering youth to tell their story, breakdown barriers and connect with others from all walks of life. This is Peter’s first season at JIRP, and he’s excited for a summer full of exploration as well as connection and community. This summer, he hopes to further explore the relationship between science and photography to promote understanding and storytelling across disciplines. 


Riley Wall

Field Staff

Riley grew up happily amongst many cows and few people in the California foothills before moving to Los Angeles to study geology at Occidental College. First a JIRP student in 2016, he has been itching to get back to the Icefield ever since.  He especially is looking forward to meeting a whole new crew of JIRP students!

For the past few years Riley has enjoyed sharing his passion for the outdoors by teaching environmental education throughout the mountain west.  Currently he works for a wilderness therapy company and lives in Jackson, WY.


Joe Wolf

Juneau Logistics Staff

Joe first participated in JIRP in 2015, as an undergraduate student at Minnesota State University, Mankato, before graduating with a Geography degree in 2016.  Over the past couple of years, he has worked in a variety of jobs around the country, ranging from youth development in Michigan, political campaigning in Texas, and working in public service in Minnesota.  Joe hopes to one day work in Antarctica assisting scientific expeditions with logistics across the continent.

In his free time, Joe enjoys exploring, skiing, backpacking, and kayaking.  In the future, one of his many goals is to design and participate in the #vanlife culture for a few months.

He looks forward to a fun summer in Juneau and being a part of the JIRP family again!


Crystal Yong

Juneau Logistics Staff

Crystal first came to JIRP as a student in JIRP 2017, and returns to Juneau for her first summer as half of our Juneau logistics staff. She is also a recent graduate from Yale-NUS College's Environmental Studies undergraduate program. Living in Singapore her whole life, JIRP was a life-changing experience for Crystal, being the first time she's touched real snow, skied, and properly hiked. Currently, she is working on getting her foot in the book publishing industry, but wants to be back in JIRP for another season before doing so. 

Dixie and Annie go for an evening ski on the Ptarmigan Glacier. Photo: Andrew Opila.

Dixie and Annie go for an evening ski on the Ptarmigan Glacier. Photo: Andrew Opila.

Dixie Dog


Dixie Dog, a four-year-old mutt, loves skiing, hiking, porcupines, and getting her ears scratched. She spends most of the summer in town, but loved her stint at Camp 17 in 2018. She doesn’t know what kind of dog she is, except that she’s black and white, about 50 pounds, and has very soft ears. If she remembers what she did before landing the shelter in Maine, she’s never told us.

When Dixie isn’t keeping spirits up at JIRP, she hangs out with the graduate students at the University of Maine. Her work in Orono, ME mostly involves swimming in the Penobscot River and chasing squirrels during the spring and fall, breaking up on the ice at the edge of the Penobscot River so she can go swimming during the winter, and lifting the spirits of graduate students year-round.

Dixie on JIRP: Yes, please.