Teaching Faculty Application

The primary purpose of this short application is to provide the JIRP Academic Council with a list of prospective faculty and academic topics of interest, as well as to pencil in a schedule to ensure adequate coverage of all student research topics throughout the summer.

Basic Information
If different from your legal name.
If you would like to specify (she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/their/theirs, etc.)
What is your current or most recent academic or professional position and with which institution?
Please include what roles you've been in (student, staff, teaching/research faculty, curriculum development, etc.)
Goals for JIRP 2019
Please provide details about student research topics you would like to lead or to which you'd like to contribute. Recent JIRP field seasons have included six core student research efforts, including (but not limited to!) the broader fields of Biogeochemistry, Ecology, Geomatics, Geophysics, Glacier Mass Balance, and Isotope Geochemistry. In addition, we are looking to expand our student research offerings in Geomorphology. Your prospective JIRP research mentorship might fit well within one of these, but we are also open to new suggestions or small research projects that fall outside these boundaries.
Please provide details about the academic lessons you would like to deliver while with JIRP. We would appreciate hearing about topics you would like to cover, and also about more interactive sessions (e.g., exercises, discussions, hands-on activities) that you might offer. The basic academic curriculum covers the following topics at introductory and intermediate levels: Glaciology: How do glaciers work? Glaciers in context: How do glaciers relate to the bedrock, the climate, hydrology, and the biosphere? Field Methods: How do we study glaciers? Science Communication and Art (includes a unit on science policy).
Other Information
Please provide details of your experience working in remote, mountainous environments. Details might include formal mountaineering experience and/or training, glacier travel/rescue experience and/or training, skiing ability, expeditionary logistics etc. Please also include any current medical or guiding certifications:
Please detail your ideas for involvement with JIRP academics and research beyond 2019. This might include ideas for multi-year research efforts, evolution of the JIRP curriculum, roles you would like to take on in future seasons etc.
Please provide any additional thoughts on your prospective role(s) with JIRP.
Preferred Blocks *
Please indicate which blocks you could join the JIRP Expedition. 2019 season dates are yet to be finalized, but this gives us some sense of preferred windows of time. Note: You may choose multiple blocks, either to stay longer or to be fit in to one of block depending on JIRP's schedule.
Please provide any additional information about your scheduling preferences: If you'd like to come up for multiple blocks, if you are absolutely not available for a specific block, or if you have a hard date conflict.
Please provide the names of three references we can contact to learn more about your work, especially as a teacher or a field researcher.
Reference #1 *
Reference #1
Relationship to applicant (adviser, supervisor, colleague, field mountaineer, etc.)
Reference #2 *
Reference #2
Relationship to the applicant (adviser, supervisor, colleague, field mountaineer, etc.)
Reference #3 *
Reference #3
Relationship to the applicant (adviser, supervisor, colleague, field mountaineer, etc.)

Thank you for submitting a faculty application for JIRP 2019! We rely on volunteer faculty like yourself to continue offering field research education to the rising generation of glacier scientists, teachers, artists, and science communicators.