Research Faculty Application

The primary purpose of this short application is to provide JIRP with a list of prospective faculty, details of potential dates of participation, and logistical needs for the upcoming field season.

If different from your legal name.
If you would like to specify (she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/their/theirs, etc.)
Please include what roles you've been in (student, staff, teaching/research faculty, curriculum development, etc.)
Please outline your proposed research plan. What question are you trying to answer or what research technique would you to test? In which subset of glacier environment would you like to work (ablation zone, around snowline, high accumulation zone, on deglaciated nunataks, in an ecologic refugium, etc.). About how many days of field research are you planning to get it? About how many people might be part of your team and what would their roles be (PI, grad student, field tech, etc.)?
How can your field research campaign complement the educational mission of JIRP? In what ways do you see involving small groups of JIRP students? Are there special skills needed to operate your research equipment, or can you train a couple students to assist you in some way?
For each member of your research party, please provide a short summary of your experience working in remote, mountainous environments. Details might include formal mountaineering experience and/or training, glacier travel/rescue experience and/or training, skiing ability, expeditionary logistics, snow machine driving experience, etc. Include any current medical or guiding certifications.
What are your proposed research dates for this field season? We will do our best to accommodate field work in the spring, summer, and fall, although logistical support will be greatest June-August. Note: some areas may not be accessible during some parts of the melt season due to snow conditions.
Equipment Needs *
We have a variety of research and field equipment available, although quantities are limited. What equipment do you hope to use from JIRP?
Is there anything not on the above list you're hoping we could provide? We are open to expanding our offerings of logistical support as needed.
Do you have any long-term goals for involvement in any role with JIRP?
Please provide any additional thoughts on your prospective role(s) with JIRP.

Thank you for submitting a research faculty application for JIRP 2019! We are excited to work with science research community to provide support for field campaigns and to further the educational purposes of the program.