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Sending things to the Icefield

All Icefield mail goes through our office in Juneau, so whether you're sending a postcard to a student or shipping a large box of research equipment, please follow these instructions closely.


The US Postal Service does not deliver to our office, and they will return mail shipped to our office street address. Occasionally, however, they will give mail to UPS/FedEx to deliver. Please direct USPS mail to our P.O. box, with the second address line exactly as spelled in case they hand the package off

[Name of Participant]
c/o JIRP
P.O. Box 35054 24600AmalgaHrbrRd
Juneau, AK 99803


FedEx and UPS do deliver to our office. Our office, however, shares a parking lot with a public trailhead; consequently, the delivery person won't leave the package unattended if we're away running errands. Furthermore, sometimes UPS/FedEx hand off the package to the USPS (see above). Address UPS/FedEx packages to our office, with the second address line exactly as spelled in case they hand the package off: Please send a tracking number to if you ship anything to the office. 

[Name of Participant]
c/o JIRP
24600 Amalga Harbor Road Pobx 35054
Juneau, AK 99801

Please send a tracking number to if you ship anything to the office. 

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Office: (907) 500-8913



We want to hear from our JIRP alumni! 

Please submit your current contact information and let us know what you're up to.  You are our metric of success!  (NOTE:  Information submitted here will not be published in any form and use will be restricted to internal JIRP/FGER organizational and communication purposes.)

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Members of the first JIRP "high ice" expedition to the Juneau Icefield in the summer of 1948. Left to right: Maynard Miller, W. Laurence Miner, Lowell Chamberlain, Melvin G. Marcus, William A. Latady and Anthony W. Thomas. Photo taken at Camp 4 on "Hades Highway," the upper Twin Glaciers' neve. Photo: FGER Archives

A multi-generation crew of JIRPers at the 2011 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. From left to right: Dr. P. Jay Fleisher, Judy Pachter, Dr. Maynard Miller, Kate Baustian, Kent Walters, Coco Loehr, Dr. Bruce Molnia, Matt Beedle, and Toby Dittrich. Photo: M. J. Beedle

Drs. Maynard Miller, Richard Marston, and Alf Pinchak on 'Taku B' in July 1995. Photo: M. J. Beedle

2004 JIRPers on top of 'Taku B'. From left to right: Kate Harris, Riley Hall, Evan Burgess, Keith (Laskowski) Ma, Winston Macdonald, and Robert Koenig. Photo: M. J. Beedle

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