We're very excited to get the 2019 field season started. In the coming months we will post information here on gear, pre-season academic preparation, and everything you need to know to be ready to hit the ground rolling in Juneau on June 13th. Additionally, keep an eye on your email and on the JIRP 2019 Facebook group for updates and due date reminders. Our Program Manager, Annie Boucher, is available at annie@juneauicefield.org and (907) 500-8913 to answer any questions.

We're all so excited to meet you! PC: Ben Huff

We're all so excited to meet you! PC: Ben Huff

Everyone comes to JIRP from a different place. We've had students who have already worked as climbing guides and students who have never been in the backcountry before. We've had students starting their junior year of high school with no Earth science background and graduate students halfway through their master's degrees. The JIRP faculty and staff work hard during the first two weeks to get everyone up to a baseline set of common skills in terms of academics, technical mountaineering, skiing, and camp living. This period can be overwhelming, but every student arrives with something they're new to, and every student arrives with something they're already good at. Whether you're already good at cooking, blister care, cross country skiing, rope systems, or mathematical modeling of glacier flow, you bring something to table that the JIRP expedition needs!

Once we're done with orientation, the summer will be what you make it. Some students will spend extra time with our Safety Manager, Ibai, learning intermediate and advanced mountaineering skills. Others will dive deep into their research project with an academic adviser who clicks particularly well. Still others will discover a new passion for using field sketching to communicate science research to non-experts. No two JIRPers have the same summer, but everyone benefits from living on the Icefield and working closely with the passionate, motivated, and curious faculty and staff.

As you're reading through these pages and getting ready for the field season, don't let yourself get overwhelmed. There's a lot on here, but you've got time to get through it and we at JIRP are here to help. In the next few weeks each accepted student will be assigned a staff mentor. Check out our Meet the Staff page to learn more about each of our Field Staff in the coming weeks! Your staff mentor will be available this spring for questions on expedition preparations, finding the right gear, and training. 

We are working to finalize the student research project topics in the next couple months. Once these are all put together we'll post short summaries of the projects so you can start to get an idea of what the student research project choices will be this summer. We'll also post some introductory papers for you to work through. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our Meet the Faculty page to start to learn about some of the faculty who play especially big parts in the JIRP academic curriculum.

We're excited to meet you all in person in Juneau! In the meantime, let us know when questions come up.


Good luck getting started, 

Annie and Seth