Application timeline

All 2019 Student Application material is due January 4th, 2019 for first consideration. We will consider applications submitted after that date on a rolling basis, as space permits. We will make admissions decisions by February 1st, 2019. Enrollment confirmation for accepted students, including a tuition deposit, is due February 22nd.

Components of the 2019 Student Application

The 2019 JIRP Student Application consists of three components:

  1. The JIRP Online Application, submitted through this website.

  2. Transcripts from your most recent academic institution, submitted either hard copy or online.

    • Intent: We would like to see your transcripts so we can best tailor the 2019 academic curriculum to the student cohort. We do not have any GPA requirements for admission.

    • Note: You need only submit one transcript, and it should be your most recent, available transcript.

      • High school students, gap-year students and first-year undergraduate students without an available undergraduate academic record should submit their high school transcripts.

      • Undergraduate, post-baccalaureate and first-year graduate students without an available graduate academic record should submit their undergraduate transcripts.

      • Graduate students with an available graduate record should submit their graduate transcripts. If your undergraduate coursework included relevant classes, you may also submit your undergraduate transcript.

    • Submission:

      • If submitting electronically, please send to

      • If submitting hard copy, please send to:

        FGER: Student Applications
        4616 25th Avenue NE, Suite 302
        Seattle, WA 98105

  3. Three letters of recommendation. Two should be from recent academic advisers, professors, teachers; the third can also be from a professor or teacher, but we would prefer to hear from a supervisor, mentor, employer, community leader, or coach who knows you from outside the classroom. Please ask that these are submitted from your recommenders, in PDF form, to

Contents of the Online Application

When you open the online application, you will find several short answer demographic questions and some short answer prompts limited to 250 words. There is no way to save the application once it is open, so we encourage you to prepare answers ahead of time. The prompts are as follows:

  • Academic and Professional Goals: Please outline both your short-term and long-term goals, and how you see JIRP supporting these goals.

  • Outdoor and Athletic Skills: Participating in the JIRP Expedition involves living and working in a remote and often uncomfortable environment for eight weeks. The program begins with two weeks of safety training and orientation. During this time we teach all necessary skills, so there are no specific pre-requisites for acceptance. That said, we appreciate knowing what previous experience student applicants have with the outdoors and with physical fitness. Please describe your outdoor and athletic skill levels. Include any experience related to the following: hiking; backpacking; camping; wilderness/backcountry travel; working in cold/wet environments; skiing (touring, nordic, downhill, and/or telemark); glacier travel; mountaineering; rock or ice climbing; any other relevant background/experience. Be honest and specific. In addition, please describe your athletic background and fitness level as thoroughly as possible.

  • Related Interests: Please list any hobbies, interests, or skills that might be relevant to either the academics of JIRP or to expedition life. Think outside the box! Examples include wilderness or emergency medical training, experience with radio communication or small engine repair, or a background in writing, photography, or sketching.

  • Why JIRP? Please tell us why you would like to participate in JIRP. What do you hope or expect to gain by participating in this expeditionary field research experience? Be as specific as possible.

  • Why you? Please describe why you think you would be a strong addition to the JIRP Expedition. How do you envision yourself best contributing to a positive and engaged group dynamic? Be as specific as possible.

Financial Aid

We understand the field fee poses a significant financial burden to many students. We make every effort to lessen this burden through financial aid, grant funding guidance, providing gear rental and buying advice, and working with students on payment plans. We encourage every student to visit our Costs page for further information.

JIRP awards some financial aid to students without regard for their academic enrollment status or citizenship. If you would like to apply for financial aid through JIRP, please complete our Scholarship Application, also due January 4th. Decisions about financial aid from this application will be made by February 1st so applicants can consider their options with as much information from JIRP as possible.

We are deeply grateful to donors to the Joan M. Miller Scholarship Fund for providing this support to students.


Please reach out to Program Manager Annie Boucher at with any questions about this application. We understand that applying to, and potentially deciding to join, the JIRP Expedition is not a small decision. We at JIRP are eager to help in any way we can.

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