Returning Staff Application

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Academics and Research
Field staff are mentors to the students both inside and outside of academics. Please describe your academic experience and detail how you will apply insights and lessons learned from such experiences to JIRP.
Are there any academic projects you would like to contribute to? If so please list below and the role you would like to play in the project.
What local knowledge do you have of the glaciology, geology, ecology, and natural history of the Juneau Icefield and/or surrounding area, and how would you share this knowledge with JIRP participants?
Outdoor Education and Guiding Experience
Medical Certifications
Check any certifications you have held in the last five years.
Avalanche Courses
Check any classes you've taken.
Please list any other pertinent trainings/certifications that you have that would benefit you in this position (i.e. AMGA courses, NOLS/Outward Bound courses, AEE conferences, etc.)
Please describe any major backcountry trips you've taken since your (most recent) year on the JIRP staff. Include the year and length of trips, locations, if it was on or off trail, your role in leadership, planning and logistics, and what lessons (if any) from JIRP staffing you applied to this/these trip(s)
Describe any experience you've gained since your most recent year on the JIRP staff with small engines, welding, carpentry and construction, radio technician work, driving and maintaining snow machines, running and maintaining generators, etc.
Building on your JIRP staff experience
If you come back for another year on the JIRP staff, what would you like to work on? What mistakes did you make in previous years on the JIRP staff that you've learned from? What areas do you see for growth, and what are your plans for acheiving that growth?
JIRP thrives when JIRPers take an active role in making it better. As a returning member of the JIRP community, what would you like to improve about the program?
What, if any, are your long-term goals with JIRP? Given the option, would you like to return for multiple years as general field staff? Or transition to a role on the faculty or the senior staff? We won't hold you to any of these plans, we understand that seasonal work is difficult to plan. As the program grows, we're curious to know where you would want to go with JIRP if you have the chance.
Additional Information
Assistant Operations Management. *
As JIRP grows, we're exploring options for training more returning staffers in Operations Management. This position involves: - Managing larger personnel movements. - Coordinating facilities maintenance. - Training general field staff. - Running major camp opening and closing. - Working closely with the Academic Leads and researchers to accomplish academic and research goals. - Working with the Safety Manager to plan and implement student safety training. - Managing supplies and helicopter logistics. - Generally taking an active role in understanding, coordinating, and supporting every aspect of the field program. Would you like to be considered for an Assistant Operations Management position this summer?