First-Year Staff Application

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Academics and Research
Field staff act as mentors to the students both inside and outside of academics. Please describe your academic experience and detail how you will apply insights and lessons learned from such experiences to JIRP.
Are there any specific academic projects you would like to contribute to? If so please list below and the role you would like to play in the project. If you'd like to become more familiar with the likely student research topics, there is more information at
What local knowledge do you have of the glaciology, geology, ecology, and natural history of the Juneau Icefield and surrounding area, and how would you share this knowledge with JIRP participants?
Outdoor Education and Guiding Experience
Medical Certifications
Check any certifications you have held in the last five years.
Avalanche Courses
Check any classes you've taken.
Please list any other pertinent trainings/certifications that you have that would benefit you for this position (i.e. AMGA courses, NOLS/Outward Bound courses, AEE conferences, etc.)
Our field season is eight weeks long, please focus on extended wilderness trip leading experience. List all jobs you've held in the field. Include summer camps, outdoor programs, ski instructing, guiding, etc. Mention the name of the company/program, the year(s) you worked there, number of days/weeks worked, responsibilities you held, etc.
Please list all backpacking, winter camping, mountaineering, or similar expeditions. Include the year and length of trips, locations, if it was on or off trail, and your role in leadership, planning and logistics.
Please describe any experience you have with small engines, welding, carpentry and construction, radio technician work, driving and maintaining snow machines, running and maintaining generators, etc. If you've got a skill that you think might fit here, please share it. Staff do all manner of jobs on the Icefield and anything you share can only help your application.
Leadership and Risk Management
Please describe your leadership experience and how you would apply insights and lessons from this experience to JIRP.
What are your thoughts on, and philosophy of, risk management? What approaches have you used to assess risk and manage novices in the wilderness? How will you apply your risk management approach to JIRP? In addition to answering these questions, please provide one example of an experience where you applied this philosophy. We value a candid approach and the ability to learn from situations.
Expedition life
"The staff are the heart and soul of the program." Being staff requires resilience and perseverance, and often involves actively supporting the expedition morale during challening episodes. Describe a time when you maintained a positive attitude through "type II fun" (fun that is not enjoyable while it is happening, but something you are glad you did in retrospect.)
Describe why you would like to be a member of a community where staff work long days, work non-traditional hours, and are willing to take on a variety of responsibilities to assure the success of the program.
Why are you passionate about JIRP's mission? In your answer consider speaking to your motivation to apply for a field staff position and how you hope to be involved in empowering incoming students. What your vision is for JIRP moving forward? How do you see yourself contributing to this future vision?
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