Student Scholarship Application

We at JIRP recognize that the costs of tuition, equipment, travel, and lost work time can feel overwhelming. We make every effort to ease this burden through financial aid, gear rentals, and guidance finding discount equipment. Please use this form to apply for need-based financial aid from our scholarship fund. We also strongly encourage applicants to seek additional funding and support.

Please note that tuition covers room, board, and all transportation costs for the dates of the program (June 20 - August 17, 2018).

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We have certain scholarships open only to Alaskan applicants. For consideration, you must either maintain your permanent residence in Alaska or currently be living/studying in Alaska.
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This includes grants and scholarships from either your college/university or third parties. If you're applying for grant money, please indicate whether your application is in preparation, submitted, pending or accepted. Please also indicate if you've applied for grant money and been denied.
Many students borrow clothing and equipment from friends, family, and their college/university outing club. Some have also found success with pro-deals and/or sponsorship from outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturers.
Please share any additional information you think may be relevant to your scholarship application.