The logistics staff run the JIRP expedition support. They manage communications between the Icefield and the outside world, organize supplies and helicopter transportation, and coordinate personnel movements in and out of the field. We’ve done our best to write a comprehensive description of the position below, but the reality is that the logistics staff will pick up all manner of unexpected tasks throughout the summer.

Please read through the follow information carefully. Additionally, we encourage you to explore the rest of the website before applying to this position. If you’re new to JIRP, we especially encourage reading about Our Mission. Although some of this information is aimed at students, it gives a good idea of the educational experience we provide. If this seems like a job you’d enjoy doing, please see Logistics Staff Application. We look forward to hearing from you.

Job description:

  • Volunteer. Compensation has yet to be determined. In recent years field staffers have received a modest stipend in addition to a travel allowance. We hope to provide the same this season.

  • Coordinate personnel transportation: Pick up and drop off short-term faculty from the airport and the helicopter hangar.

  • Manage helicopter logistics: Schedule flights, prioritize materials going into the field, pick up materials coming out of the field.

  • Supply the Expedition: Purchase groceries and sundry supplies from various stores in town. Be comfortable looking up and finding unfamiliar items at the hardware store, auto parts store, and an array of private suppliers in town.

  • Social media: Update various social media platforms with digital material coming out of the field.

  • Maintain Juneau Base facility: JIRP rents space at the Eagle Valley Center, a public use facility in Juneau. Responsibilities include lawn mowing, weed whipping, light cleaning, organizing gear, and generally being friendly to visitors to the trailhead.

  • Keep track of finances: File receipts and track expenses.

  • Actively seek instruction for any skills you need help with. It is critical for field staffers to be comfortable asking for help from the Program, Operations, and Safety Managers and the maintenance staff, faculty, and others.



  • Available late-May - mid-August (this includes staff training, the full summer program, and a couple days of program wrap up).

  • Acceptance of, and agreement to actively support both the letter and the spirit of, the JIRP Code of Conduct.

  • Have (or can get) a passport valid through Dec. 31, 2019.

  • A high school diploma.

  • A valid driver’s license.

  • No DUI or DWI within the last three years.


  • Prior experience working on small teams.

  • Background in logistics support for backcountry trips.

  • Familiarity with Juneau and/or Southeast Alaska.

  • No DUI or DWI within the last ten years (if you do have one, you will need to file a special application to enter Canada).

Application Timeline:

February 18th: Application opens.

March 8th: Applications due for first consideration.

March 22nd: Hiring decisions made.