There are a number of ways to get equipment to Juneau. It is significantly more expensive and time consuming to ship packages to Alaska than it is in the lower 48. Additionally, because we work with the US Postal Service, private shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.), and commercial airlines (Alaska Airlines, Delta, etc.) there are some tricks to getting everything where we want it.

Checking bags on your flight

If you fly Alaska Airlines, you can check as many bags as you want. Each extra bag (on top of your personal luggage) costs $50, but this may be substantially cheaper than shipping costs. We encourage you to investigate using this option.

Shipping packages to Juneau

All Icefield mail goes through our office in Juneau. The mail delivery system is convoluted and we are charged for mis-addressed packages. Online shipping forms won’t accept both our P.O. box and our street address correctly written, but both addresses need to be on every label. Please follow these instructions closely.

Regardless of which address or carrier you use, once the package is shipped please fill out the Research Equipment Cargo Form to make sure our Juneau logistics staff have the shipping information.

The US Postal Service does not deliver to our office, and they will return mail shipped to our office street address. Occasionally, however, they will give mail to UPS/FedEx to deliver. Please direct USPS mail to our P.O. box, with the second address line exactly as written in case they hand the package off


[Name of Participant] c/o JIRP
P.O. Box 35054 24600AmalgaHrbrRd
Juneau, AK 99803


FedEx and UPS do deliver to our office. Our office, however, shares a parking lot with a public trailhead; consequently, the delivery person won't leave the package unattended if we're away running errands. UPS and FedEx will often call us before they drive all the way out, so please make sure you give them the JIRP phone number (907-500-8913). Furthermore, sometimes UPS/FedEx hand off the package to the USPS (see above). Address UPS/FedEx packages to our office, with the second address line exactly as written in case they hand the package off:  


[Name of Participant] c/o JIRP
24600 Amalga Harbor Rd. Pobx 35054
Juneau, AK 99801