Expedition Behavior


Living in a large group of people, in close quarters, in a remote environment without easy access to the outside requires all JIRP participants to be conscientious of their behavior. Everyone deals with this differently- some people love the community-feeling of all living together, some people love the solitude of drinking a cup of coffee and appreciating the view before everyone else gets up. Regardless of your preferences, we set a few rules that everyone is required to follow. Friction between participants is inevitable, and we will make every effort to resolve reasonable disputes in the field. The safety of everyone, however, depends closely on having trusting, respectful relationships with all participants. As such, we reserve the right to remove any participant who breaks the most important rules. 

JIRP is a dry program.

The glacial environment is dynamic and inherently dangerous. There is no room for participants to have compromised judgement. Additionally, in the event of an emergency, everyone in camp may be called upon for help - there are no "days off". Any participant found with drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication not their own will be removed. These rules apply from June 19th through August 16th.

JIRP does not tolerate sexual harassment.

The safety of and respect for all our participants is our highest priority.