Enrollment Information


Program Dates

The 2018 field season will run from June 19th to August 16th.

We ask participants to arrive in Juneau, AK by June 19th and to depart Juneau, AK (or to find their own accommodation) on August 16th. Please note: local students are expected to eat and sleep at the JIRP Base (24600 Amalga Harbor Rd.) for the entire program. We appreciate the temptation to spend time with friends and family in the area during program orientation and wrap-up. However, this time is important for building a positive group dynamic; we ask you to plan to be with the group for the duration of the program.

We will provide instructions on booking flights and details on what you can expect from JIRP (transportation, meals, etc.) on June 19th and August 16th in the coming weeks.


Enrollment Confirmation

To secure your spot as a student for the 2018 season, please take the following steps by March 20th (deadline extended):

  1. Email the Program Manager, Annie, at annie.jirp@gmail.com to confirm your intention to participate in JIRP.
  2. Fill out and return the Medical and Health History Form to fger.jirp@gmail.com.
  3. Fill out and return the Physician's Certificate to fger.jirp@gmail.com (note: due March 30th).
  4. Pay the non-refundable $500 tuition deposit. This deposit will be credited towards your field fee. This deposit is non-refundable, except in the cases detailed below. Please note, this deposit is not meant to prohibitive. If you are struggling to pay the deposit at this time, please contact the Program Manager with your concerns (annie.jirp@gmail.com). To pay the deposit you may either...

Pay via PayPal (note: this includes a 2.9% transaction fee):

Pay by check, made out to: Foundation for Glacier and Env. Research.

Please include the student's name in the memo line and mail to:       

Student's Name

P.O. Box 35054
Juneau, AK 99803                                                

Tuition Payment Schedule

We ask that, if possible, student tuition is paid on the following schedule:

  • $500 tuition deposit due March 20th.
  • 33% ($1975, in addition to the tuition deposit) due 30 days before program (April 19th).
  • 66% ($2475) due 30 days before program (May 19th).
  • 100% ($2475) due at program start (June 19th).

All payments may be made by check (see directions above) or PayPal. Please note that payments made via PayPal are subject to a 2.9% transaction fee ($515 due March 20th, $2033 due April 19th, $2549 due both May 19th and June 19th). Students who have demonstrated need (including, but not limited to, having applied for scholarship funds from JIRP) may contact the Program Manager (Annie Boucher, annie.jirp@gmail.com) to discuss individualized payment plans. Our tuition policy is meant to keep payments on track, not to make JIRP prohibitively expensive. It is our goal to make JIRP attainable for as many students as possible; do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.


1st Tuition Payment (April)                                         2nd Tuition Payment (May)                                          3rd Tuition Payment (June)

Student's Name
Student's Name
Student's Name


Cancellation Policy

Disclosed medical challenge: If we review your medical forms and decide we cannot accommodate your needs, we will refund all payments in full (including the tuition deposit). We will notify you within ten days of receiving both your Medical and Health History Form and Physician's Certificate if we feel this is necessary.

Insufficient financial support from JIRP: If you have applied for scholarship money directly from JIRP, we cannot meet your full financial request, and you cannot find a way to meet the remainder, we will refund all payments in full (including the tuition deposit).

Unanticipated medical problem: If you encounter an unanticipated, documented (by a doctor) medical problem (e.g. orthopedic injury, previously un-diagnosed mental illness) or family emergency that prohibits you from participating in JIRP we will offer you two choices:

  1. You may choose to defer enrollment for a year and we will reserve a spot for you in the next field season. We will retain the tuition payments you have made according to our cancellation policy (below) and credit them towards the following season.
  2. You may choose to withdraw. We will refund all payments you have made (including the tuition deposit). You may re-apply to JIRP in the future, but we will not guarantee admission.

Please notify JIRP as soon as possible if this happens, and within a week of receiving a medical diagnosis or news of a family emergency. 

Other cancellations: Except for the above circumstances, if you cancel or drop-out of JIRP we will refund tuition payments as follows:

  • Up to 30 days before program start: JIRP will refund 75% of your tuition.
  • 15-29 days before program start: JIRP will refund 50% of your tuition.
  • 0-15 days before program start, or in the case of expulsion during the program: JIRP will refund 0% of your tuition.


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