Everyone who comes to JIRP joins a close-knit community of like-minded scientists, mountaineers, field technicians, science policy-makers, teachers, medical professionals, and more. We’re keeping a running list of graduate school openings, jobs, and other opportunities that may interest you.

If you’re looking for an excited, motivated student or recent graduate to fill a position, email Program Manager Annie Boucher to post on this page.

Miscellaneous Opportunities

Graduate School Openings

None at the moment. Looking for a motivated graduate student with two months of field experience? Send a solicitation to annie@juneauicefield.org

ListServs + Groups

CryoList: CryoList is a public access email listserv for all things related to glacier and snow science. Note: We suggest going for the ‘daily digest’ option to keep your inbox less crowded.

Association of Polar Early-Career Scientists: APECS is a group for graduate students and early career polar scientists. They offer a wide range of job postings, trainings, and other resources for people interested in polar science. JIRPer Allen Pope (S ‘07, ‘12-’18 Academic Council) has been closely involved with APECS. Of particular interest are the APECS Career Resources.