At JIRP we all eat meals together. Student cook crews, assigned daily, prepare three hot meals for 50+ people, including catering to any special dietary requirements. We can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free diets. We can also accommodate a variety of specific ingredient allergies. That said, the logistics of buying, transporting, and storing food for 50+ people impose significant limitations on the range of foods we have available in the field. Limiting your diet will further narrow your options. Many participants with voluntary or mild diet preferences choose to relax their choices for the field season. If you are willing to relax your eating preferences, please let us know on this form- we buy a lot of foodstuffs ahead of time, and a significant portion of our budget goes to groceries. 

Please contact our Program Manager, Annie, directly ( if you have a severe food allergy as soon as possible so we can discuss accommodations.  

Dietary Restrictions Form

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If (and only if) you have a dietary restriction, please check the blocks you will be with the program below.
Juneau Week
June 13 - June 20
Block 1 (Camp 17)
June 20 - July 3
Block 2 (Camp 10)
July 3 - July 22
Block 3 (Camp 18 and Camp 26)
July 22 - August 3
Block 4 (Camp 18 > Atlin > Juneau)
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